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Translate To Cohesion Designer (ECS)

FROM: Product Identifier Data Sheets
DAZIX ACE DXL222-1  DXL100.pdf / DXL201.pdf
Mentor Graphics V7 DXL422-1 DXL100.pdf / DXL400.pdf
Mentor Graphics V8 DXL822-1 DXL100.pdf / DXL800.pdf
OrCAD SDT/386+ DXL622-1 DXL100.pdf / DXL601.pdf
OrCAD Capture DXL1722-1 DXL100.pdf / DXL1700.pdf
PADS Logic/Power Logic DXL522-1  DXL100.pdf / DXL500.pdf
Viewlogic ViewDraw DXL1822-1  DXL100.pdf / DXL1801.pdf
EDIF 2 0 0 DXL102  DXL100.pdf

Translate From Cohesion Designer (ECS)

TO: Product Identifier Data Sheets
Cadence Composer DXL122-10 DXL100.pdf / DXL1002.pdf
Mentor Graphics V7 DXL122-4 DXL100.pdf / DXL400.pdf
Mentor Graphics V8 DXL122-8 DXL100.pdf / DXL800.pdf
OrCAD Capture DXL122-17 DXL100.pdf / DXL1700.pdf
PADS Logic/Power Logic DXL122-5 DXL100.pdf / DXL500.pdf
EDIF 2 0 0 DXL101  DXL100.pdf

Our schematic translators support the following:

Connectivity Graphics Hierarchy Properties
Schematics Symbols Symbol Libraries Text

Engineering DataXpress, Inc. can provide single direction readers or writers, bidirectional readers or writers, point-to-point readers/writers and bidirectional point-to-point readers/writers. Whatever combination you need, DataXpress has the perfect solution! We also provide Conversion Services for any of the above EDA Vendor systems.

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